The spacious guest house has a warm, welcoming atmosphere and is tastefully decorated. There is a large open living area where meals are served.


This area can also accommodate evening meetings and there is ample space for teams to make preparations for the next day. Guests can also enjoy this comfortable area to relax, have a casual conversation or use the internet.


There are four bedrooms which can accommodate up to 22 people.  They are furnished with comfortable bunk beds with pillows, bed linens and towels provided. There are four individual bathrooms; two have showers.

Additional services offered by the guest house


• Trained translators

• Transportation arrangements (Price to be determined  by size of vehicle required and distance being traveled)

•  Access to washing machine

•  Bottled water and Pepsi

•  Projects available. Teams desiring to come to Haiti and seeking a worthwhile mission project to match the gifts of team members may contact Kay D’Esperans. Medical, educational and construction projects are often waiting for teams to “adopt” them.


Current pricing of additional services is available upon request from Susan Robinson (USA Guest House Coordinator.

Retreat Center


Kay D’Esperans is also a retreat center. This can be for teams that want to undergo special training before going to their mission site. It can also be used at the end of a mission experience as a place to relax and debrief before returning home. Overnight rates are $50.00 per person.




The food is outstanding; the meals are safely prepared for the American visitor. A hearty breakfast is served featuring mostly American fare. Dinner consists of a variety of Haitian dishes. The guests experience various staples such as rice, millet, and bulgur served with a variety of vegetable sauces, meat, and cooked vegetables.  Special provisions are made for vegetarians.  Beverages served are Haitian coffee, tea, and filtered water.